You started your biz for

more freedom

You wanted out of the rate race


You wanted to be there for your kids


You wanted to be less stressed

Instead you've got a constant

tech headache

You’re constantly staring at a screen wondering why the thing won’t do the thing and threatening to throw the thing out of the damn window.


Sure, you’re home with those babies. But the website isn’t working again and you haven’t emailed your subscribers for like 73 bajillion days so will you please be quiet for ONE MINUTE while Mummy does the thing!


If there was one thing you did not anticipate, it was just how much tech was gonna play a part in this biz thang. I mean, everyone has a beaut website, right, so it can’t be that hard! Oh, and did I mention booooring… zzz


It doesn’t have to be like this.

You're ready

to flyyyyy

Your business is ready to fly and so are you! All the fundamentals are there, and it’s time to stop letting tech hold you back from the dizzy heights you were meant for.


You’re ready to invest in freedom and get your website, mailing list, and automation processes #slayingit so that you can actually say buh-bye to Mum guilt and stop spending all your time in front of your laptop.


You’re ready to work when you wanna work, and when you’re working to be doing the things you wanna do. It’s time to say see ya later to the snooze fest tasks.


I’m ready to help.

Heyy, I'm


What's up?! I'm Aleena and I'm aaaaall about;

… transforming businesses with the power of everything the internet has to offer. Your website is the face of your business, and I know you’re that Queen-Entrepreneur type of girl so that makes it by default an extension of you.


Not so long ago I was right where you are now. Wondering how the hell to make my biz work for me and my fam, how to stop working every hour of the day and say goodbye to mum guilt forever.


Then I got into automation in a big way, and today I’m an automations expert specialising in email marketing, as well as an awesome web designer & developer (if I dooo say so myself 😉 )


I’m a fierce believer in women; we’re here to grow, change, create, make waves, and quite literally smash it! Being a woman who sits in the dark with her hoodie up playing with code doesn’t put me at a disadvantage. In fact, it puts us both at a huge advantage; I get to a be queen in a field dominated by men, and you get your biz and tech handled by a woman who just sees your vision in that unique way that only we can.


I believe that every woman can create and build a business that they love, that sustains them and their famiies, and that brings them joy (and every single day. So you better believe that I’m sooo ready to support you on that journey and help make it a reality.


It’s my sole purpose in life to see you take your business to every height you deserve, without ever once beating your head against your keyboard because… well, tech…

Aleena x

ready to get


It’s time to say goodbye to the tech headaches. Like, forever. Whether it’s your website, mailing list, something else , or allll the things, let’s get you headache free once and for all.

Book a FREE discovery call where we’ll chat about all things you and biz and work through where you’re struggling right now. We’ll come up with a plan, and then together we will smash that damn plan outta the park!